Post-It Overkill:

I haven't been flatting for a while now but I still remember a flatmate writing their name on all six of her eggs with a sharpie. And although there's nothing inherently wrong with leaving a flatmate a note now and then,


According to an ad by Levis, hotness comes in all sizes...Er, what's wrong with this picture?


Picture this #1:

The last meal of death row convicts as photographs in this set of stills This aptly titled

Picture this #2:

It sounds like another bad Adam Sandler film, but the idea of getting

before and after is a much more interesting and a nice comment on gender and fashion.

Bike hate: This deliberate act of aggression caught on CCTV camera in Bristol landed this bus driver in prison. Good job.

Video: You've heard of sexism for women, now get a load of heightism for men.
Internet adorableness: Too cute for words.
Documentaries: 'Bully' is a small documentary about a big problem; made bigger, I think, by social media and texting which gives bullies more ways to torment the uncool. The film follows the lives of five families affected by bullying and you can watch the trailer here.
History: Now every Tom, Dick and Harriet has a video camera in the phone, we're not easily impressed with raw footage. But in context of 1937, this real footage of the Hindenburg, where 35 out of 97 people on board perished, this is quite incredible.

Strange products: I wish I was a 25-year-old male who could get away with buying this...
Local: I don't think America gets our uniquely kiwi sense of humour. It's black. I'm thinking that's why the review in the Hollywood Reporter of the latest kiwi film, Little Boys, was a little rough. But then maybe I'm biased. I know and rate the brothers behind the film - Robert (Out of the Blue, Scarfies) and his writer brother Duncan and I'm from South Otago, where the film is set, in the Catlins. It's the story about Nige (Bret McKenzie - Flight of the Conchords) and his recently estranged best mate Deano (Hamish Blake) and follows the opps-I-accidentally-killed someone plot. My 9-year-old watched it and "laughed his arse off" and I can't wait to see it. Watch the trailer here
Video: In this preachy 80s kids cartoon a hundred years in the future earth's application to the Galactic Federation is declined because many humans abused drugs...But 'The Drug Avengers' are sent back in time to sort it...

DRUG AVENGERS from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.