Adidas New Zealand is defending the high cost of All Blacks jerseys in the wake of revelations the same jersey is selling for half the price overseas.

The Rugby World Cup edition of this year's jersey costs more than $200 in most New Zealand retail outlets but the same jersey can be picked up for under $100 online in the United States.

Adidas New Zealand's country manager David Huggett told RadioSport that the cost depends to some extent on currency fluctuations.

"The price we set in New Zealand is relative to the local market and the price in which they pay overseas is largely driven against currency fluctuation which has changed quite significantly over the last couple of years.


"If you go back two years ago the cost of the All Blacks jersey was cheaper here in New Zealand, and a lot of the New Zealand retailers were getting a lot of off-shore business of consumers of overseas markets purchasing over here."

He defended the $220 price of the jersey compared with other replica jerseys on the market.

"The price of the jersey is aligned to the market place along with a lot of other replica sporting goods, not just the All Blacks.

"We believe our product is a premium product therefore the price is competitive to whether it be the Warriors jersey, the Kiwis jersey and a lot of other sporting properties here in New Zealand."

Mr Huggett confirmed that some overseas websites are being investigated to see if they were breaking a cross-border agreement which stops them from selling to New Zealand residents.

The test version of the jersey is available on for just $US79.95 ($NZ92.60), with the Rugby World Cup version selling for US$10 more, which Mr Huggett confirmed are the genuine product.

"They are one of the retailers who I've spoken to my counterparts in the UK and the US on the number of examples that were up yesterday to further continue the investigation and under our cross-border agreement they have the right to ship products within their border but not overseas and we're certainly taking that very seriously because we want to support New Zealand retailing.

"We believe that New Zealand retailing is fantastic for the New Zealand consumer. If we continue to encourage people to purchase products offshore all that's going to happen is New Zealand retailing will fall apart," Mr Huggett said.


The All Blacks revealed the new jersey, featuring a white collar, on Saturday night against the Springboks.

All Blacks jersey prices:
RWC version - US$89.99 - NZD$103.80 (
Test version - US$79.99 - NZD$92.60 (

RWC version - 64.99pounds - NZD$122.20 (
test version - 54.99pounds - NZD$107.70 (

RWC version - $220 (Ryos in Wellington and Champions of the World)
Test version - $190 (Ryos in Wellington and Champions of the World)

*Overseas prices do not include postage and packing