Members of Aramoho-Wanganui Rowing Club are cleaning up yet again after the recent rain event in the Whanganui region.

"This particular flood is not a one in 100 year event, not at all. This happens twice a year, at least," says Bruce Osborne, club president.

The ground floor of the club, which is regularly flooded up to knee height, sits on a very low section of the riverbank. Now members are considering relocating.

"We have looked at three different sites in Whanganui, all above the flood plain. We have looked at existing buildings and whether we could modify, or whether we could build from new," says Mr Osborne.


Vice president Barbara Hammond says that the cleanup work never stops.

"We have had over 100 volunteers, every club member has supported the cleanup, we have had to clean out the shed three or four times because the mud just sticks. Then the furniture that's damaged, the gym equipment that's damaged everything has to be washed, washed, and washed again to get back into working order, so you're looking at thousands of hours of volunteer work," says Mrs Hammond.

The club is yet to decide if moving is a viable financial possibility, but are considering their options.

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