Address: 120 Quay St, Auckland
Open: Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm; Saturday, 8am-3pm. Closed Sunday.
Phone:(09) 379 4462
We spent: $40.50 for two

Set up & site:

Sunday morning: the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the chores are done. (Well, apart from the ironing. And the dusting.) A whole glorious day stretches out, empty of cares and worries. It would be criminal to spoil it with a bench full of breakfast dishes. So let's catch the bus into town, maybe tag along for the marvellous free Auckland walk and catch a leisurely breakfast on the waterfront afterwards. Cue the sound of old-fashioned record being brought to a scratchy halt. Super is closed on Sundays. Whaaaaat? A cruise ship is moored almost prow to the window and the streets are thronged with people also pretending they have finished their ironing, looking for a leisurely breakfast on the waterfront. But my companion had been promised breakfast and it's kind of exciting to enjoy a breakfast you don't have to clean up after, so we try again the next day.

Sustenance & swill:

Super replaces the old Oaken and has kept much of the eponymous wood decor. It's only been open a few weeks and it may still be finding its way a little, which is the excuse I've allowed them for their lukewarm coffee offered without sugar. It's a simple menu and the prices are reasonable — not many places can do breakfast for two for around $40 — offering the usual of granola ($13) and eggs benedict ($13). But my copycat companion and I both liked the sound of shakshuka ($16). She also liked the sound of the eggs benedict but we agreed that with only poached eggs and greens on offer, these eggs were simply not a benedict. Shakshuka is basically eggs poached in a tomato and capsicum sauce garnished with a good chunk of halloumi and a triangle of rye bread on the side. Omitted from the menu was the addition to the dish of a faint but detectable taint from the cast iron dish. The bottom of my egg had unpleasant "black bits", a phrase that simply does not belong in a sentence that also contains eggs.


Service & other stuff: The service was quick, efficient and attentive. Two people to take our coffee order was one too many but, hey, early days for a new eatery and better asked twice than not at all.