An international love guru who has worked with the likes of Eva Longoria and Christina Aguilera has revealed his secrets to finding love.

And surprisingly Essex-born Matthew Hussey - who can charge his clients up to £8,000 ($15,150) for a one-on-one session - says the supposedly foolproof method of playing hard to get doesn't work, reports The Daily Mail.

"It's like dangling a string in front of a cat, the cat goes crazy and as soon as you drop the string the cat doesn't care anymore," he said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

The 30-year-old life coach, who claims to have helped millions of women across the globe with his advice and tips, was grilled by Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard on behalf of viewers about how to approach dating.


He said that people should connect with emotion rather than logic, and added that being confident is the key to romantic success.

Matt, who is a New York Times bestselling author of Get The Guy, has 1.5million followers across his social media platforms, regularly posts training videos on his YouTube channel, and says he would rather share his advice for free than charging.

He said that women should have more confidence in themselves, urging: "Have fun, don't take it too serious.

"Just because you are looking for something serious it doesn't mean you will get there by being serious about it. Ultimately it is about confidence."

He told Ben: "Harder to get doesn't work, I always say being high value works. It is about showing yourself as a confident person that someone wants to know.

"I was always got told by someone wiser than me; 'be a Rubik's Cube that is not quite finished', because when someone finishes a Rubik's Cube they put it down."

Love Guru Matthew Hussey says be confident, and don't take thigns too seriously. Photo / Getty Images.
Love Guru Matthew Hussey says be confident, and don't take thigns too seriously. Photo / Getty Images.

Matthew explained that instead of approaching dating with logic he said people should apply emotion.

"You have to connect on emotion not logic. People go on dates and it becomes a CV exercise. Logic is someone asking 'what do you do for a job?' when you should ask 'why do you do that? What is it you enjoy?'"

He shared another example: "Logic is 'where is your favourite place to travel?', but emotion is 'why is that your favourite place?'"

The author also hosts live seminars and says that women need to stop "getting in their own way".

"There is a narrative out there that the older you are the harder it gets. Whilst I think it can be true, I think people overstate it.

"People don't want someone who is young they want someone who is youthful. What happens to me all the time [is] I get a woman in her forties who says 'the stuff you say about being playful and flirtatious - that's for younger women.'

"I say 'that's your problem,' because you're saying it's for younger women," Matthew said.

He then went on to explain that one of his oldest clients is 84-years-old, and said she'd met a man with the help of Matthew's techniques, and the couple are building a boat and plan to sail away together when it's finished.