APRIL 23, 1985: French army lieutenant Christine Huguette Cabon arrives in Auckland under orders to infiltrate Greenpeace.

JUNE 22: French army major Alain Mafart and captain Dominique Prieur arrive in Auckland.

JULY 7: Rainbow Warrior also arrives in Auckland and ties up at Marsden Wharf.

JULY 10: Two bomb blasts rip through the ship. Crew member Fernando Pereira dies.

JULY 12: France denies involvement. New Zealand Police arrest Mafart and Prieur.

AUG 4: Mafart and Prieur charged with murder, conspiring to commit arson and wilful damage.

SEP 21: French Defence Minister Charles Hernu resigns and DGSE head Pierre Lacoste is sacked.

NOV 4: Mafart and Prieur admit manslaughter and wilful damage.

NOV 22: Both sentenced to 10 years' jail in New Zealand.

FEB 21, 1986: France initiates trade bans against New Zealand.

JULY: France pays New Zealand $13m. Prieur and Mafart sent to Hao for three years. Prieur's husband made head of security there.

DEC 12, 1987: Rainbow Warrior is scuttled off Northland's Cavalli Islands.

DEC 14: Mafart repatriated to France.

MAY 6, 1988: The Prieurs repatriated to France.

NOV 26, 1991: Swiss authorities arrest Gerald Andries.

DEC 18: New Zealand drops its attempt to extradite Andries.