A genuine hill country farm barely 15 minutes drive from Whanganui central has hit the open market for the first time in almost 100 years.

The farm at 386 Makirikiri Valley Rd provides options.

"This versatile property is on the open market for the first time in almost 100 years and although geared to cater for deer, with high fences across most of the property, this farm is totally capable of catering for sheep, cattle or deer," Bayleys Real Estate marketing agent Knud Bukholt said.

Made up of just over 460ha, with a complementary mix of flat, medium and hill country, the farm is broken into two fairly even blocks, available as one or two units.


Both blocks include a house and sheep yards, with the southern block containing most of the main farm infrastructure featuring a homestead, woolshed, implement shed, single-men's quarters, cattle yards and deer handling facilities.

Currently run as a genuine sheep and beef breeding operation, this property could be converted back to deer with only limited infrastructure change required.

The property has received regular, documented, fertiliser and weed control over many years. It is located about 4km from the local primary school and secondary bus route at the Upokongaro Village.

"This property poses a great opportunity as a stand-alone unit, or if sold as two blocks could be an ideal first farm," Bukholt said.