Two slip-prone city walkways slated for closure will instead be fixed after a proposal to close them was rejected by councillors.

In November Whanganui District Council proposed closing the Smart Tce and Burnett Tce walkways which connect St Johns Hill with the city.

If that went ahead it would repair the currently closed Alexa Place walkway in the same area at a cost of about $60,000.

A 2016 survey of city walkways found the tracks were the least used of eight in the city.


But public opinion was split on the proposal.

Of 191 written submissions 42 per cent supported the closure of Smart Tce and Burnett Tce walkway while 40 per cent wanted them to remain open.

Councillor Philippa Baker-Hogan told the council's property and community services committee meeting the even split of public opinion meant council had an obligation to the community to keep them open.

The committee backed keeping the tracks open but if "significant capital work" was required to keep the Smart Tce and Burnett Tce open it would come back to them.

Councillor Rob Vinsen also supported keeping the tracks open.

"I don't see the cost being all that great to getting that walkway usable again," he said.

"I think it would be a great shame if we took away the opportunity for people to walk along those walkways."