Independent mortgage adviser Aaron Stampa is back on familiar ground in Whanganui and embarking on a new enterprise.

Mr Stampa has set up a mortgage advisory business and is working with local company Momentum, a team of financial, risk, fire and general advisers.

He and wife Sheena moved back to Whanganui in 2013 after 10 years in Britain. Mr Stampa initially worked for a mainstream bank in Whanganui while Mrs Stampa is assistant principal at Durie Hill School.

"When I was working for the bank, I saw a bit of a gap in the market for independent financial and mortgage advisers in the Whanganui market," Mr Stampa said.


"I worked in the financial and mortgage industry for 10 years in the UK and saw the need in Whanganui. I set up as an independent mortgage adviser in Twickenham. For three years before that I worked for Lloyds TSB in central London as a mortgage adviser."

Mr Stampa gives clients independent advice on how to get a mortgage and how to structure their debt. The bank, not the client, pays Mr Stampa's fee.

"I get them the best deal and structure it correctly for them," he said.

"I get first-time buyers and work with them to help them get the correct advice right from the start. I focus on getting it right first time. It's not just about first-time buyers though. I can help clients through their lifecycle changes as they move to bigger homes or retire.

"I wanted to align myself with Momentum to create a one-stop-shop. A lot of people are time-precious these days."

The Stampas decided to move back to Whanganui for the lifestyle.

They grew up in Whanganui and attended Durie Hill School, though not at the same time, and met at the former Polysport Gym in Wilson St. They now live in the original Durie Hill School on No 2 Line.

Aaron Stampa is providing independent mortgage advice to home buyers.
Aaron Stampa is providing independent mortgage advice to home buyers.

"I loved the UK, I loved my time there, but it was difficult to do things. Whanganui is a very friendly community - people know people and you have a chat. I've caught up with mates I used to go to school with and re-established those old friendships.


"Sometimes people take for granted in Whanganui how good we've got it here."

Starting a family was another reason for the decision to move back to Whanganui and baby Olivia was born late last month.

Mr Stampa is looking forward to helping clients on to the property ladder.

"I think it's very exciting buying a house," Mr Stampa said.

"It's not something you do every day. I've done hundreds of mortgages and I still get excited about it."