A trained lawyer who migrated to Auckland five years ago from India now plans to leave the city in the hope of finally being able to afford her own home.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, has lived in seven Auckland rental properties in five years, several of them badly insulated and infested with mould.

Though she and her husband wanted to buy, they describe themselves as serial renters who have no chance of purchasing in Auckland because of escalating prices.

"It is unattainable for us at the moment. Buying a house is now a distant dream.


"We are both in our 30s, educated and experienced. We are classic serial renters and think our only hope of ever becoming homeowners is living outside Auckland. I hope the regions will be more open and welcoming to Aucklanders wishing to make their town home."

The couple considered trying to buy in new housing developments in South Auckland but have struggled to raise sufficient deposit and want to ensure their young daughter can attend a decent school.

They are astounded at how over-valued the Auckland housing market has become and the fact there is no capital gains tax.

The family are living in a rented city centre apartment. They live frugally and are still saving towards a deposit.

To afford a place of their own, they have decided to move south to Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin. Lane Nichols