The Maori Party is welcoming the sudden interest from some MPs in speaking Maori in the debating chamber.

As part of a move to delay the first part of the Auckland super city legislation being voted through Parliament, Labour, the Greens and Progressives have been voting in Maori on each of the nearly one thousand amendments put forward since yesterday.

The amendments to the first bill will set up a transition agency to allow the eight councils to merge.

Each vote delays proceedings as it needs to be translated into English.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says the delaying tactic is frustrating but Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell says at long last the parties have accepted the importance of the Maori language and he hopes the speaking of Maori will continue in future debates.

Labour's Steve Chadwick claims it is an opportunity to practise speaking Maori and it can be done just as quickly as if the vote was being cast in English.

The voting on each amendment will continue today.