For the sixth year running, Shanghai has been voted most attractive city for foreign talent.

Shanghai was recently chosen as the most attractive Chinese city for foreign talent for the sixth consecutive year.

According to data released by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, more than 150,000 overseas students have returned to work and start their own businesses in Shanghai, among the highest number in China – because of Shanghai's open and inclusive culture.

Shanghai also has the most significant number of foreign employees in China. Currently, 215,000 foreigners work in the city, accounting for 23.7 per cent of the total number of foreigners in the country.

Trade facilitation and more comfortable customs procedures make Shanghai a globally renowned city for both business and home comforts. Foreigners don't need to miss specialty hometown food items, as online ordering services alongside quick delivery times means they can get foreign foods delivered directly to their door.


For instance, milk from New Zealand only takes about three days to arrive in Shanghai, and seafood from Canada arrives in the city within 36 hours.

Bolla Szilard, consul general of Hungary in Shanghai, says Shanghai is a great place to live and work, suggesting Shanghai Disneyland and the beautiful bund area as favored tourist hotspots.

Greek architect Kostas Chatzigiannis, who has lived in Shanghai for 11 years, says that 10 years ago he had to drive to a remote supermarket for yoghurt and olive oil; now imported Greek yoghurt and honey are available in various stores throughout Shanghai.

With continuous rapid development, broad markets and growing opportunities, Shanghai has become a second home for overseas entrepreneurs. Chinese-American entrepreneur Yang Anbang says while China welcomes people from all over the world to start or develop their business, Shanghai provides unlimited possibilities.

The managers of Yang's start-up "Seedlink" come from the UK, the Netherlands, and the US and his employees are from a variety of countries such as Belgium and Singapore.

To date, Shanghai has introduced a total of 634 regional headquarters of multinational companies, including 72 headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region, 350 investment companies, and 430 research and development centres.

"The amazing thing about Shanghai is that you can find global trade opportunities anytime and anywhere here," said Eyup Erdogan, who graduated from New York University Shanghai and is the co-founder of a trading company in the city.

As the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai in November, the city has improved English signs to offer more precise guidance for foreign guests.