Thief's rich diet

In November 1965, Walter Cunningham was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a jewel robbery. The police picked him up two days after the robbery, loitering outside a pawn shop. He didn't have the jewels on him, but when he later complained of a stomach ache, the police realised he had swallowed all the evidence: about 91 diamonds, a 20-carat ruby and an emerald chip. Police lieutenant Carl Schumacher told reporters: "We figure he must have swallowed the gems while he was being booked. He was probably standing there chomping away while our backs were turned." Doctors subsequently recovered the jewels. Cunningham pleaded guilty to a federal charge of interstate transportation of stolen property.

Updating the dictionary

New words you will find in the dictionary (well, some aren't that new):

Masstige - a combination of the words masses and prestige referring to cheap products marketed as luxurious.

CIO - cry it out.


Me Time - time devoted to doing what one wants (typically on one's own), as opposed to working or doing things for others, considered important in reducing stress or restoring energy.

Clucky - wishing to have a baby.

Deglobalisation - the process of making something less global and more regional in nature, focus, impact, etc; especially the reversal or decline of globalisation.

Breadcrumbing - the act of sending out flirtatious, but noncommittal text messages ("breadcrumbs") to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort.

Best not take too long...

Rubbish dumpers in the spotlight

"Looks like somebody has decided Remuera is a great place to fly-tip the household rubbish," says Nev, referring to yesterday's dumping picture. "Middle of the night Auckland summer activity ... plenty of people driving here and there looking for a dark place to offload the trash. Best places are right on the property boundary so the rich folk blame each other. Over the top of the private school fences just as good. Or just throw it out the window while cruising the streets."

Miniature Calendar

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka has created one of these miniature artworks every day since 2011.

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Gorillas reacting to their reflection…

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