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Tacky sticker a link to pupil's muggers

Ian Dickinson, deputy principal of Bucklands Beach Intermediate, writes: "One of our 11-year-old students was mugged on the way home from school last week by a couple of low-lifes who stole his bag containing his laptop. The guys took off in an old, banged up silver sedan. The car was notable for a tasteful sticker on the fuel filler cap. The student involved made this mock-up of the sticker. Have any readers seen this car? We'd love to get hold of the number plate so we can pass it to the police and hopefully get the boy's laptop back."

Great business names
1. 'I Stand Corrected' would be great name for a chiropractic business.
2. A soup company whose slogan is, 'We do what we can and we can what we do.'
3. There is a Chinese restaurant in my town called 'Wok on Water'.
4. 'Jehovah's Fitness'.
5. I always wanted to open up a bar called Tequila Mockingbird.
6. There is a car body shop by me called 'Wreck-a-mended'.
7. I want to open a pub named 'The Pint of No Return'.
8. A do-it-yourself medical clinic called 'Suture Self'.
9. A pizza shop called 'Cheesus Crust'.
10. A bicycle repair shop called 'Broke Bike Mountain'.
(Via Reddit)

That nose is a bad pick
Who's pulling the strings at the UCI, the world cycling governing body? With the sport dogged by a culture rooted in lying and doping, the organisation has chosen Pinocchio as the mascot for the 2013 world road cycling championships.


Thoshe clever Shhhcotsh ...
The world's strongest beer is appropriately called Armageddon. It is 65 per cent alcohol and 130 proof and the creation of the Scottish brewery Brewmeister. A spokesman said: "Despite being 65 per cent, the beer has a lot of flavour - malty, hoppy, slightly sweet and lots of yeast still in the beer ..." They were able to achieve such a high percentage by freezing the beer, removing some of the ice that forms, while leaving much of the unfrozen alcohol (because water and alcohol freeze at vastly different temperatures). The beer is for sale in 330ml bottles at 40 ($78), but there is a two-week back order because of high demand. (Source: Neatorama.com)

You have the right to remain wet
Eight police officers responded to a Dorset, England, swimming pool after a man shouted at children who splashed him. Two officers, fully clothed, jumped in, and dragged him out. They later determined he'd committed no crime and drove him home. (Source: Reason.com)

A scent that should stay in the past
Tweet of the day (by a non-celebrity) "Appalling whiff of Fahrenheit on the street. An unwelcome wormhole straight back to 1992." (via @CherylBernstein)

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