"Could not resist sending what I saw on Manukau Rd, Epsom on Sunday morning," says Tony of Remuera. "This gentleman is up a ladder and base of ladder is on the road with oncoming traffic."

More of a forehead slapper, ASB

Darrell wants someone at ASB to please explain their ad - "The dance of the lost wallet". "Man forgets wallet and slaps his body (officially called the Australian Haka). Mate uses smart phone to transfer money to other man's account. Cheers. Now what? Man still has no wallet and no card. How does he pay the vendor in the shiny silver 'Pie Cart?' Shouldn't it be that wallet-less man transfers to mate with a wallet/card?"

Name those teams, readers


Di Paton writes: "A group of us have been racking our brains to think what "black" names we can give to our various Olympic teams to make it easier for us to follow the Games. We have come up with Oar Blacks for the rowing team and Spring Blacks for the gymnasts but are running a bit dry with any more - it gets a bit boring when you have to refer to the swimming team as Wet Blacks! We thought readers might be able to come up with some innovative names for some of the possible teams including the synchronized swimmers, beach volleyballers and weightlifters."

Petrol spill #1

To the reader who spilled petrol on their clothes and says BP should help: "A suggestion would be to take their finger off the trigger when removing the pump."

Petrol spill #2

William writes: "I was trying out a nail gun to see if I would buy it and while holding the trigger down the gun went off and shot 14 nails into my foot. I think the store should pay for my medical costs. I was attempting to clean my bath while it was full by using my toaster which was plugged in. I was quite shocked to realise the power firm will not help with the ensuing mess. ... I was putting petrol in my car the other day and put the nozzle in the petrol filler pipe BEFORE I pulled the trigger. I did it this way because now I am grown up I am clever."

AO ads spark conversation

To the reader who complained about Channel Four previewing AO shows, meaning she has to field questions from her 11-year-old son such as, "Mum, what does bi-curious mean?" Tim writes: "That's a good age for that question and perfectly simple to give an answer; art of sex-ed is to have clear and unbiased info from parents rather than friends mocking you for not knowing stuff."