Kelly Clarkson's song 'Stronger '' />

A cancer ward of Seattle Children's Hospital perform a lip dub to Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger". Immensly touching.

Video: A mother posts a video of her 17-year-old daughter backing out of a garage and posts it online, sped up with a Benny Hill soundtrack...

Milking it: Controversy has kicked off over this week's cover of Time magazine - showing a twenty-six year old mother in a tank top feeding her nearly-four-year old son. Unfortunately it seems it is still more acceptable to see breasts swinging round a pole at the Bada Bing or hoisted by little more than string, cavorting on a beach, rather than feeding a baby. But it's not the feeding that irks me - I am a wholehearted supporter of breastfeeding wherever, whenever and for as long as you damn-well like - but the problem here is about the magazine's depiction. The fact that the woman in the shot is not your average mother she is deliberately sexualised and her child looks older. I'd say that was done deliberately, to be provocative Read more here

What do you think?


Food meets art: Pancake art at SapianCakes where a maths teacher makes pancakes into just about anything (the body organs are impressive, as are Building Of the World - although the Eiffel Tower is a bit burnt)

TV: Colin Craig thinks New Zealand women are all out rooting strangers, but mostly we are in our track pants, living vicariously in front of the TV. But if you were lobotomised by the GC last week, never fear Soho has two great new shows back to back on Thursday... Girls is as funny as Sex in the City without the stupid shoes - with hipsters and real looking women...followed by Veep about a fictitious vice president (Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus). It is full of rapid fire bad language and a ripper script. "Did you fire your tweet monkey yet? One of many fantastically cutting lines.

Another popular blog has become a book: I Love Charts the blog has metamorphasised into I Love Charts the book - just released and you can have a squiz here.

Movies: The best thing about Sacha Baron Cohen's films are usually the publicity stunts and the trailers. The actual films are likely to push it into cringe territory for everyone except males under 25, making even the most extreme things seem banal. The Dictator looks like the same boundaries are being mocked mercilessly, but maybe with a bit more plot...Check it out here.

Mother's Day: Following on from this much loved meme, Shit NZ Mothers Say does a brilliant job of gently mocking the clichés and verbal mannerisms of mothers.