A sad reality of the changing world is that innumerable species of animals are endangered. To truly highlight the creatures that may be on the verge of disappearing, photographer Joel Sartore began the Biodiversity Project. He shot a series of portraits of endangered animals in a studio setting; the stark backdrops allow the individuality of each animal to shine. You can also buy the prints to help the cause.
Via io9.


In light of the precarious fate of many animals, it is always a welcome surprise when one, which is already thought to be lost, reappears. In this case: Miller's grizzled langurs, a rare species of monkey. Motion-sensor cameras - placed by scientists hoping to catch footage of other elusive animals - captured images of the langurs in Borneo.



A recent study suggests that enzymes in a tea called Yerba Mate, drunk for centuries in South America, may have therapeutic benefits to treating colon cancer. Researchers have isolated derivatives of the caffeoylquinic acid in the tea, which appear to cause cancer cells to self-destruct.