Travel log of Cup memories

Jonathan wants to share some of the RWC 2011 statistics that he and his mate JP have clocked up during the Rugby World Cup so far ...

1. Watched 13 live games (with 2 more to come).

2. Visited 6 stadiums in 5 towns/cities.


3. Seen 15 of the 20 teams in action.

4. Driven more than 2000km (1 speeding ticket).

5. Flown more than 1200km.

6. Taken nearly 1000 photos (accidentally deleted 300).

7. Visited more than 30 licensed establishments (not including repeat visits).

8. Both Jonathan and JP were struck down with the flu (not entirely alcohol-related).

Their two proudest moments have been:

1. Singing the English national anthem in Peggy Gordon's Celtic bar in New Plymouth before the Argentina game. The rest of the pub was quiet.


2. Helping to drink Hennessy's Irish Bar in Rotorua dry of Guinness on the night of Wednesday, September 14.

Obstacles of retail therapy
A reader from St Lukes writes: "The mall is a treacherous place at the best of times - dodging mothers with their enormous tractor-width prams; being violated by young men with their patter of false flattery and overpriced hand cream ... But now there is a new modern-day plague infesting the already teeming cacophony of the concrete jungle - trainers with lime green trim that with each and every step make the sound of a crash cymbal."

Random act of Kiwi kindness
A reader from Mission Bay writes: "Early Monday morning around 3am on Quay St in the city: I had just lost my ride home and had no money in my pockets or on my phone to get home, so I was unhappily considering hopping home on my crutches (I have a fractured ankle). Two young guys walked by and asked if I was all right. I let them know I had no cash and lived in Mission Bay. They instantly hailed a cab for me and gave me $20 of their own money and told me to be safe. I don't even know their names but I know they lived out west. I would like to thank them in person for their random unexpected kindness."