This mural (pictured) by artist Elliot O'Donnell (aka Askew) and others has been in the making for about 10 years. The artists have permission from the owner and tenants of the building, on Poynton Tce, off Pitt St - who have contributed financially to it. But last week the mural was painted over by the Auckland Council without permission of the owners, some say in an effort to clean up for the Rugby World Cup. According to blogger Peter McLennan the workers painting over it thought there had been a mistake so double-checked before starting the job. The council's own website even says: "If the graffiti appears to be an artwork, ie, permission was given for the work to be done, it will not be removed." Who's next for a tidy-up, Super City? (Source:

Bottoms up to skinny jeans

I thought it was unlikely that the two impossibly beautiful Kiwi girls in LA were responsible for initiating the latest internet sensation. A clip called Rear View Girls claimed to "have figured out a way to bust people" looking at their young, pert bums, by attaching a camera to it. But it appears the idea came from a bunch of well-paid ad men at Colenso doing a viral for Levi's Curve ID Skinny Jeans and not some protest against sexism. Close Up featured the pair, who said they weren't paid and had no contracts (more fool them) and that they did it for "fun".

Goggles banned from school pools

Children have been banned from wearing goggles during school swimming lessons for fears they could hurt themselves. Oxfordshire County Council's bureaucrats have banned the swimming aids amid fears a pair could "snap" on to a child's face too hard, injuring them. Children will now need a medical reason to be allowed to wear the protective eyewear in the pool during school lessons. (Source:

Walking stick pinched from beach

Who was the idiot who took artist John Lyall's walking stick? "He was having a dip at Takapuna beach on Thursday afternoon about 3.30pm. He laid the stick on the damp sand to assist his walk back up the beach later. Gone! John, a disabled stroke survivor, is still amazed," writes a friend.

Falcons get second set of wings

Andrew Coulam writes: "While browsing the T&Cs for my upcoming Emirates flight, I stumbled across the following FAQ, which took my surprise: "What are the rules and charges for travelling with animals? Animals are not permitted in the cabin of Emirates flights, with the exception of falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan, and guide dogs for the blind."