Nervous wait at Eden Park

As a keen rugby follower, this reader attended the Eden Park O' />

A silent 'w' spotted by Dave Woodward.

Nervous wait at Eden Park

As a keen rugby follower, this reader attended the Eden Park Open Day last Sunday. "It was a great day out and the venue looks to be coming along very nicely," he says. "However, I was a bit dismayed when I came around to the lower southwest corner and found the view of the field partially obscured. This seating appears to be part of the Category "C" seating area, the area which I was successful in acquiring seats for at next year's Eden Park pool games. I'm struggling to find out if there will be further redevelopment of the West Stand [the stand obscuring the bottom southwest corner] which now has the promenade set in concrete behind it. If the upper section of the West Stand is still to be redeveloped to remedy this then I can rest easy knowing Eden Park will have no bad seats. If not, then I am going to miss out on most of the action on the nearby try line."

Broccoli goes off the boil

Boycott broccoli: Usually it can be relied upon to be a value for money vege, but a number of readers have written in to complain about the rising price of the floret. "Why are New Zealanders' diets getting worse?" asks Vincent. "Maybe this is one reason; I was astonished yesterday to find the price of a tiny head of broccoli was $3.49."

Physics not a problem

John reckons Chris, the Year 12 physics student, needs to read perhaps a more in-depth physics textbook, preferably one of university grade, before telling someone that they are incorrect. "A cup of coffee with milk will cool down considerably slower than its no milk counterpart," he explains. "Coincidence? A black object does not reflect energy we can see, but rather infrared wavelength 'light' if you will. Chris and Tony are BOTH correct. It is the factor of the two that reduces the disadvantage of wearing a high grade black fabric. People in hot countries wear layers of black clothing to start a convection current between the layers due to the increased heat on the outer layer, and darker skin is mostly due to evolution to defend against harmful UV light."

Animals safe and sound

Demaris thought the picture of the cow was cute and at least it had some fresh air. "Wonder if Mike is vegetarian?" she asks. "As for the mother duck and her ducklings in the drain. Don't panic Mike, I remember that one, the ducklings were all saved!"