Vaccine Tracker: How many Kiwis have been vaccinated?

NZ Herald

New Zealand vaccination rollout began in February 2021. These visualisations track the country's vaccination

Vaccine rollout progress

Covid in the community

This graph shows the daily number of Covid-19 cases in the community. The red line shows a rolling 7-day average, which is considered a more reliable measure than daily cases alone.

Who is vaccinated?

The vaccine rollout prioritised older people during the first months of 2021. Following the August Delta community outbreak, greater numbers of younger people received the vaccine. Vaccination is now about even across most age cohorts.

Children became eligible for vaccination on January 17, 2022. People aged 5–11 will need to take two doses to be fully vaccinated. It is recommended these are given at least eight weeks apart

For most of 2021 Māori and Pacific Peoples lagged behind other ethnic groups in terms of vaccination rate. This gap closed in the final months of the year for Pacific Peoples, although Māori continue to have a lower uptake.

The graph below only includes people aged 12 and over.

The table below shows how vaccination rollout progress by DHB in terms of first and second vaccine doses. Geographic data yet has not been released for tamariki aged 5–11 yet, so this table only shows people aged 12 and over.