Nine-year-old Piupiu Turei woke yesterday morning to find both her mother and grandmother were members of Parliament.

Piupiu went to bed on Saturday night not knowing the "final score".

But it was not long yesterday before she discovered that her mother, Metiria Turei - No 8 on the Green Party list - would be joining Piupiu's grandmother Ann Hartley, the Labour MP for Northcote, in Parliament.

Piupiu decided against telling her friends of the "cool" exploits of her mother and grandmother, wanting her friends instead to read about them in the newspaper today.


It will be Grandma's second term in Parliament and Mum's first.

"I did think she [Mum] would get in, but I didn't think she would just squeeze in," said Piupiu, fully comprehending candidate and party list voting under MMP.

While she might be politically aware for a 9-year-old, Piupiu will turn her focus back on schoolwork this morning.

Grandma, a former Mayor of Birkenhead and then of North Shore City, said there would be plenty of whanau to look after Piupiu.

Mum, an unsuccessful Auckland mayoral candidate last year and an unemployed contract lawyer who has worked for the Greens fulltime since March, said Ann Hartley had always been supportive of Piupiu, herself and her family.

"I think that will remain," said Metiria Turei as Piupiu sneaked "even in 15 months" into the conversation, referring to when the GM moratorium is due to expire.

Metiria Turei is separated from Ms Hartley's son Paul.

Piupiu does not want to follow the family line of politicians.

"I think it would be boring. I want an action-packed life like being a marine biologist."

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