One in 10 New Zealand residents live in Auckland city and fewer Aucklanders own their own homes than anywhere else in the country, Census 2001 results show released today show.

North Shore city is the most expensive place to rent with weekly average of $243, followed by Wellington ($237) and Auckland ($236).

Auckland city had 367,737 usual residents. Close on its heels were Christchurch (316,227), Manukau (283,197), and North Shore (184,821).

The smallest city was Upper Hutt with 36,772 people.

Manukau city had the highest number of people in a house with 3.3, followed by Porirua (3.1) and Waitakere (3.0) cities.

Manukau city had the highest Maori ethnicity count, with 44,274, and the highest proportion of Pacific Island residents at one in four.

English was the most widely spoken language, followed by Maori, in the 74 territorial authorities.

In nine of those authorities Samoan, Japanese, Korean and French were ahead of Maori as the second most widely spoken languages.

The Chatham Islands had the highest male-to-female ratio at 130:100, Kapiti had the lowest at 90:100.

One in five people in Kapiti were over 65-years-old, the highest proportion in the country.

Also released today were figures about demographics, qualifications, income, work, and households and dwellings.

One in two adults in Wellington city had a tertiary qualification, and one in four earned more than $50,000 a year. Both were the highest proportions in New Zealand.

By contrast, seven in 10 adults in the Opotiki district were earning $20,000 or less.

Professionals were the main occupational group in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Banks Peninsula district.

For 40 of the 74 territorial authorities the main occupational group was agriculture and fisheries workers. Service and sales workers were second at 20 out of 74.

Wellington city had the highest median income of $27,000, and was followed by North Shore city ($23,300) and Queenstown-Lakes district ($23,000).

North Shore city had the highest average weekly rent at $243, followed by Wellington ($237) and Auckland ($236).

Queenstown-Lakes district had the highest South Island average weekly rent at $191.

Invercargill was the cheapest city to flat in with the average weekly household rent being $106.