New Zealand has a long and proud relationship with the automobile, from the dizzy heights of world-beating racing drivers to our love affair with the hearty paddock-bashers that can be found from the Cape to the Bluff.

But in Ahipara last week, a truly outstanding vehicle emerged, standing head and shoulders above its peers.

A video, posted with the caption "only in the Far North", was shared to a popular Facebook group and showed a Subaru WRX making its way across the sand on Ninety Mile Beach at Ahipara.

But this was no usual Subaru.

What a legend. Photo / Facebook
What a legend. Photo / Facebook

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"What in the chop bong smoking, school field skidding, 16 year old girlfriend, Tuesday night main street laps is going on here?" one user asked.

Others chimed in with more sightings of the mysterious WRX, which was also sighted at the McDonald's and the BP.

Most were impressed by the unusual ride, commenting that the car could travel wherever it pleased.

Some were less complimentary, with one man writing: " Just cause you can doesn't mean you should."

Plenty disagreed, with many urging their mates to get working on their own Subis.