The Act Party is highlighting the fact that a number of its new candidates are licensed firearms owners – a clear signal that firearms laws will be a key election issue for the party.

The party yesterday unveiled its list of "energised and capable" candidates as it looks to at least double the number of MPs it will have in Parliament after September's election.

At the moment, leader David Seymour is the party's only MP – but based on current polling, Act can expect at least one more MP to join him; potentially two.

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In total, the party will stand 49 candidates - a good showing in the 65 general electorates across the country.

Act's president Tim Jago specifically singled out the fact that there are "seven licensed firearms owners" among the candidates.

"They are standing because they believe New Zealand needs better firearm laws that treat licensed firearms owners with dignity and respect while closing the loopholes that allowed our nation's tragedy in Christchurch last year," he said.

Act voted against changes to New Zealand's gun laws after the March 15 terror attack. Its position is that the rules unfairly penalise law-abiding gun owners.

The party has yet to unveil its official list, which will show which candidates are most likely to become MPs if Act's party vote is high enough.

The party got 2.2 per cent in the latest One News/Colmar Brunton poll, which would see the party get three seats in the House.

Candidates include deputy leader Beth Houlbrooke, who will be standing in the new electorate of Kaipara ki Mahurangi, formally Helensville.

Former Auckland central Act candidate Brooke van Velden is standing for Wellington Central.


She has worked behind the scenes on the euthanasia bill and is well respected by MPs on both sides of the House.

Act confirmed Seymour would again stand in Epsom.

He is highly likely to be number one on the list and has held the seat since 2014.

Seymour said he would be campaigning to get the strategic vote.

"By voting for the Act candidate, Epsom voters can gain a strategic advantage electing additional MPs."

Act will confirm candidates in the remaining electorates and the Party Board plans to carry out a ranking of the list on June 28.