Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is looking forward to a breakfast out with her family, while National Party leader Simon Bridges is going for a mum, carbs and a cut introduction to level 2.

While the rest of New Zealand was emerging on Thursday to get a haircut, catch up with mates and return to favourite haunts, the politicians were stuck at Parliament dealing with the Budget until Friday afternoon.

Tomorrow will be their first day of level 2 delights.

Asked what was planned, Ardern said she had discussed that with partner Clarke Gayford.


"We thought that we might go out for breakfast, which seems like a momentous occasion."

Ardern's parents, Ross and Laurell Ardern, have left Premier House after sticking out the lockdown there.

Ardern had earlier said she was looking forward to hugging her sister again, but Ardern will spend the weekend in Wellington rather than return to the family's Auckland home.

Bridges returned to Tauranga after Parliament ended on Friday, and got his burger fix picking up family takeaways from a new burger joint in Tauranga, The Fat Brother. His excitement was so high he decided his order from the website well in advance: the Fat Mother double cheese burger and meat lover fries.

National Party leader Simon Bridges is heading to the barber. Photo / Claire Trevett
National Party leader Simon Bridges is heading to the barber. Photo / Claire Trevett

His other plans were to visit his mum and dad in Mt Maunganui for the first time since lockdown began.

Bridges was also planning to go through with the first half of NZ First leader Winston Peters' Budget Day advice to him to "get a haircut and get a real job" – he was going to a local barber.

Peters himself was not yet in need of a haircut: his partner Jan Trotman had taken on the second most high pressure job of the lockdown by being entrusted with cutting his locks.

It was cut it twice during lockdown using kitchen scissors, although Peters himself admitted it could be tidier.

Budget 2020: Best of Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters. Video / Parliament TV

Peters' first level 2 weekend was shaping up to be almost the same as at level 3.

He was heading back to Whananaki when the NZ Herald spoke to him, and said his weekend involved catching up on work and getting on with organising for the next four months.

Asked if that was code for election campaign planning, Peters laughed and said "take a wild guess."