While many have been obeying the lockdown rules, some have come under fire for flouting the law by having 'Covid parties'.

Police took to social media yesterday to list several breaches they had been forced to deal with over the first two days of Level 4 restrictions.

They included driving to Invercargill's Oreti Beach for a walk, jumping on public buses simply to ride around and, perhaps the most shockingly, having ''Covid parties''.

''Planning a Covid party with your mates. NO!!,'' police posted.

Police have caught people having 'Covid parties'. Photo / Syda Productions
Police have caught people having 'Covid parties'. Photo / Syda Productions

''Being a responsible member of the community you live in and not tarnishing a student reputation — Yes!''

A police spokeswoman said while most people were doing the right thing and staying home, there had been some ''isolated incidents''.

Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult criticised law-breakers yesterday after Queenstown police told him several people had already defied the rules that had been introduced to stop Covid-19.

He was told some had played frisbee golf in the Queenstown Gardens, and understood others had been drinking on the beach.

Another group had visited a dairy to buy pies — and he doubted they were all in the same living bubble.

Boult, who said the farthest he had moved since the lockdown began was to his mailbox to collect his Otago Daily Times, said the longer people refused to comply with the ''stay at home'' instruction, the longer the lockdown would extend.

''New Zealand is going to go through a lot of pain and suffering as a result of this lockdown.

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''But if we've got some idiots who are flouting the requirements ... they are basically giving the middle finger to the rest of New Zealand, who are observing the rules to try and get rid of this thing.''

Otago Lakes area commander Inspector Olaf Jensen said police were disappointed with the large number of people out and about in the resort.

''Police spoke with those who were out and about and provided education and information on what the Alert Level 4 restrictions involve.''

Queenstown Lakes District Council harbourmaster Marty Black also urged people to stay home, after seeing people out on the water during the first day of the Level 4 restrictions.