A sign warning visitors to "stay out" of Waimarama has been put up amid growing concerns of a Covid-19 outbreak.

The sign, which was erected on Waimarama Rd on the descent to the beach destination, warns those entering to "stay out, locals only".

Hastings District Councillor of the Kahuranaki Ward and Waimarama resident Sophie Siers said she was not surprised at the creation of the sign, but hoped Hawke's Bay could act as an example.

"We have to remember that in Hawke's Bay, we are incredibly lucky to only have six cases of Covid-19 at the moment," she said.


"Obviously it's an anxious time for everybody and it's challenging situations like these that can bring out the best and worst in people."

Siers added: "While the sign is not surprising, I would like to think that Hawke's Bay can be an example to the rest of Aotearoa New Zealand in showing generosity and support of each other."

Hastings District Council chief executive Nigel Bickle said he appreciates the want to protect Waimarama, but all residents must follow the guidelines.

"It's understandable that people are wanting to protect their communities, and it's important that we all comply with the Government's direction to stay at home," he said.

"Council supports the Government's actions to try and eliminate the Covif-19 virus, and it's strongly recommended that people avoid unnecessary travel beyond the immediate community and to not undertake distant travel."

The New Zealand Rural General Practice Network (NZRGPN) is also calling on those who have headed to their beach baches and rural getaways to not treat lockdown as a "holiday period."

The NZRGPN chairwoman Fiona Bolden said an influx of people travelling from cities to their baches to self-isolate could put a strain on rural general practices and is calling on the Government and DHBs to support rural communities by setting up testing stations.

"We do not currently have capacity to manage our own populations particularly as our staff become unwell, let alone being able to manage this extra influx of people who may well be bringing Covid with them," she said.


"We need people to understand that this is an isolation period not a holiday period. We're very concerned that this disease will just increase the current inequity for rural populations in terms of access to health."

Bolden added: "Rural practitioners request the public not to move out to rural baches and to the beach to self-isolate as there are not the resources there to manage."

Siers said she urges everyone to continue to follow Government guidelines not to relocate.

"I would urge people to follow the Government directive that where you are currently located is where you must stay for the duration of the lockdown," she said.

"And most importantly, remember to be kind."