Just one month ago life was turned upside down for the Bisman family, when Sarah and Gavin's son Oscar was diagnosed with leukaemia at just 4-years-old.

But it's a battle they aren't fighting alone, with the Pāpāmoa community leaping into action to show its support with a fundraising auction.

"Gav's such a community man, he helps out in so many ways," auction co-organiser Amber Kedian said.

"He's got a depression group that meets on a Friday, he's got the Bay Groms which meets on a Wednesday to get kids on boards. He's the first person to help at any point in time."


Dubbed 'Help Oscar Fight the Baddies' the charity auction was held last Sunday at Pāpāmoa Tavern, raising funds for the family to relocate to Auckland while Oscar has treatment.

It was a day of nerves and excitement.

"Our big surprise, the biggest thing that was donated ... is an amazing one-off by Mr G," co-organiser Sarah Lewis, said before the auction.

"He's a local and that's a beautiful painting that says the word 'Hope' which really couldn't be more perfect. We've got a Steven Adams signed basketball ... paddleboards, it's endless. We've got a beautiful fire pit and an installed heat pump."

And the response was staggering. More than $15,000 was raised, in addition to $60,000 already donated through a Givealittle page.

While Oscar couldn't be at the auction, his father Gavin Bisman says he's already feeling the love from his bed at Starship Children's Hospital, a bed he celebrated his 5th birthday in.

"There have been presents and lollies and all these little treats turning up at the hospital every day from people he doesn't have a clue about, which is a really weird thing. It's a little thing for us old people but to a little kid sitting in that room wondering what's going on with his world it's been a really big thing. So thank you to everyone who's done that."

But the best news of all is that Oscar is responding well to treatment.


"The 'baddies in the blood' thing was the only way I could think to explain to him that there's a reason we have to stay here," Bisan said.

"He's responded well to the first round of chemo. The last five or six days he's been like his old self ... He's been cheeky, naughty.

"Thank you will never be enough but when we're home we're going to have one hell of a party so I hope to see you all then."

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