A protest against a proposal to disestablish about 20 HealthCare NZ home support co-ordinators and administration staff in Hawke's Bay is to be held in Napier.

The protest, which is due to take place outside the HealthCare NZ office on Wright St, Napier, at 2pm on Thursday, will be attended by members and supporters of the Public Service Association (PSA).

Up to 200 HealthCare NZ staff members are in danger of losing their jobs across New Zealand - a total of 20 in Hawke's Bay, with the figure rising to 25 if Gisborne and Wairoa are included, as the company plans to centralise services in Auckland.

HealthCare NZ provides home care and support to vulnerable people for multiple DHBs and manages community houses that provide 24-hour support for people with disabilities.


The PSA said workers who were not rostered on would attend the protest.

A HealthCare NZ spokesman said the organisational changes are still a proposal and open for staff to provide feedback.

Further protests have taken place across the country in recent days against the company proposal to disestablish positions nationwide.

HealthCare NZ, which was established in 1988, also provides services including wellbeing, psychological and behavioural support, rehabilitation, disability, mental health, well-being and nursing.

Staff have until February 20 to provide feedback to the proposal. The privately-owned business is encouraging staff to use the Employee Assistance Programme counselling and support services during this period.

HealthCare NZ will advise staff about their final decision, factoring in the feedback, by March 3.