It's wedding season and on Sunday up to two dozen brides will gather at the altar on a Nelson beach - take their vows and make a commitment to themselves.

The "love ceremony" invites women to commit to loving themselves and is pitched as an act of self-acceptance - but it is not restricted to single women.

The ceremony at Tahunanui Beach is being hosted by Nelson massage therapist Stephanie Crampton.


"We will stand in a circle around a beautiful flower mandala and we will recognise and introduce each other in the circle of women ... and place an item into the mandala that represents love, self-love," she told Checkpoint.

"Then we will have a sound healing and then we will begin with the actual ceremony where each bride is welcomed up to the altar to stand in front of the full-length mirror beside a celebrant and go through a commitment ceremony to themselves connecting deep into their own eyes and devoting self-love - a commitment to honouring and loving themselves."

She said then the "brides" would go through a ring a ceremony that they will have bought.

It would serve as a reminder of the choice they had made, she said.

"It's a love ceremony, it's like a wedding where they are marrying themselves."

Crampton, who loves a celebration, said the idea for the ceremony came to here "in a vision one day".

"I felt really guided to put on this celebration for women in a ceremony."

She said she was inspired by her own healing journey that has brought her to this place.


It would be an intimate ceremony without about 20 women.

"It takes a lot of courage and a lot of self-love to be standing in a public space to be witnessed and to commit to loving yourself."

The idea of self-love or self-coupling has gained prominence in recent times.

Harry Potter actor Emma Watson last year said she was happy to be 'self-partnered'.

Crampton said she had struggled for years with self-love, confidence and worthiness.

She said being able to love herself helped her receive and give love fully.

The $100 ceremony comes with a celebrant, photographer, certificate and a food platter.