A renter has been ordered to pay about $18,600 after smashing holes in the walls, breaking windows and ruining the carpet at a Taupo property.

The Tenancy Tribunal found Natashia Shelford-Marsh damaged the home intentionally - and that the damage to it went beyond fair wear and tear.

Landlord Westerman Property Solutions Ltd complained to the tribunal that Shelford-Marsh didn't comply with her obligations at the end of the tenancy.

Those obligations are that a tenant leaves the premises reasonably clean and tidy, removes all rubbish, returns all keys and security devices, and leaves all chattels provided for their benefit.


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But Westerman said Shelford-Marsh didn't do that.

The landlord claimed the cost of repairs for damage to the premises, including a "significant number of holes in walls, broken windows, a broken fire door handle and carpet ruined throughout".

Shelford-Marsh also didn't return the keys and remove all the rubbish.

Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator R Lee said it took betterment and depreciation into account but was satisfied that the damage was "more than fair wear and tear" and had been caused intentionally.

The adjudicator ordered Shelford-Marsh pay her landlord $18,604.74 immediately.

What Shelford-Marsh has to pay

Tribunal order of 8.7.19 consolidated - $866.16
Lock/key replacement - $274.28
Cleaning and rubbish removal - $2662.25
Grounds - $100
Insurance excess - $6500
Carpet - $2550
Internal doors and Gib - $1754.70
Painting walls - $3767.66
Fire door handle - $109.25
Filing fee reimbursement - $20.44
Total payable by tenant to landlord - $18,604.74