An Auckland woman says she was forced to eat takeaways after rodents infested her rental property.

Combined with the fact the Sandringham home lacked any insulation saw the woman, who did not want to be named, win $1765 from her property manager, Crockers Body Corporate Management Ltd, in compensation in a Tenancy Tribunal decision.

The woman lived in the home from August till December but, as agreed by Crockers, the home had a leaky roof and problem with mice in the kitchen.

There were holes and gaps in the kitchen's lining which meant rodents could get into cupboards and drawers.


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In its decision, the Tribunal said it seemed the property manager acted reasonably in arranging bait stations and for a tradesman to block the holes.

However, the woman filed a claim for the cost of takeaway food as she felt the kitchen wasn't healthy or safe to use.

"I agree there should be compensation, but for the loss of an amenity. (The woman) was paying rent for a kitchen which could not be used in a usual way. I allow $100, which is a small amount because the kitchen was still functional."

The home was also not insulated until October 2 for which the tenant put in a claim, as she had been using more electricity than she should have in the 12-week period.

The Tribunal allowed $50 a week which included her time spent in chasing up her landlord.

She was also given $50 per week for the 16 weeks of loss of amenity due to the leaky roof, which meant she couldn't use her lounge as intended.

Crockers applied for rent arrears - $10 - which the tenant agreed to pay. It was also awarded $45 as cleaning fee and $20 to repair a small patch on the wall after the tenant removed a command hook from the wall.

A claim for carpet cleaning was dismissed.


The woman said she was satisfied with the decision.