Kiwis and expats have come out and defended New Zealand following an article revealing the reasons why Kiwis living in Australia would rather live across the ditch.

On a Facebook page, New Zealanders living Down Under NZ, Kiwi expats complained about what they didn't like about their homeland with most complaints being around the cost of living.

Now, Herald readers have hit back revealing why they love the Land of the White Cloud more than Australia — most believing that the lifestyle in New Zealand is better.

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One Kiwi said that he didn't agree that Australia is a better place to live.

"I live in WA now but don't totally agree with this. Moneywise so much better off in Australia but lifestyle-wise, there's no comparison, New Zealand wins every day of the week," he wrote.

Another agreed writing: "I lived in Aus for 15 years ... loved it ... but NZ is like a spa retreat in comparison. Rivers, lakes, surf, mountains, hunting and gathering food basket of the South Pacific. We don't need cheap supermarket goodies ... we grow and make our own."

One expat explained the various reasons why they didn't enjoy living in Australia compared with our homeland.

Many complimented the beautiful scenery of New Zealand.
Many complimented the beautiful scenery of New Zealand.

"I'm English but am an NZ citizen now. Have also lived in Oz. Yes, you get paid a ridiculous amount over there but I found the people are not as nice and summer is too hot to be able to enjoy.

"If Auckland is too expensive just move to a more affordable area within NZ for a better quality of life."

One Kiwi wrote that they moving back to New Zealand with their family this year because they believe the cost of living in Australia is rising.

"I am moving back this year with my family and I have been in Aussie for 13 years. Aussie has become really expensive and the opportunities aren't there like they were years ago. I can't wait to be on home soil and raise my 6-month-old twins in NZ," the mother wrote.

"I lived in Aus for 15 years ... loved it ... but NZ is like a spa retreat in comparison." Photo / Hui

However, some Herald readers have come in the defence for Australia, with some saying that the cheaper cost of listing gives them a better lifestyle.

"We moved back home at the start of 2017 and I have to agree that the lifestyle in Australia is a lot better!", one Kiwi wrote.

"The main factor being the cost of living in Australia is a lot cheaper which allows you to spend more time with family and friends, unlike NZ where mum and dad are working crazy hours trying to pay the daily bills.

"The cost of living is ridiculous here, the struggle is real in New Zealand."

However, he said that he loved seeing his kids embrace Māori culture and reconnecting with there whānau and whenua.

"If it wasn't for that we would be back on that plane."


Another wrote that they have been living in Australia for nine years and will not be coming back to New Zealand.

"I love my career and my animals, that I'm not allowed to import to NZ," she said.

"Back home we weren't making ends meet, living week to week and always having a negative bank balance, not because we couldn't stick to the budget either.

"Whereas over here we earn enough to provide for our family and live very comfortably. Its definitely not easy but there are far more opportunities readily available."