A presence of E-coli has been found in the Kinloch and Whakaroa water supply in Taupō,

The Taupō District Council announced this afternoon that their monitoring results had come back with a positive result for E-coli.

The statement said they were taking a "cautious" approach and residents connected to the Kinloch water supply should "boil all water" intended for human consumption.

This included drinking, cooking and brushing teeth.


It said no treatment was required for other usages such as washing clothes or showering.

Tank water sourced from the Kinloch and Whakaroa water supply was also recommended for disinfecting.

Taupō District Council staff were currently working on resolving the issue and monitoring the supply

Residents after anymore information should call the Taupō District Council or visit www.healthed.govt.nz/resource/household-water-supplies.