A woman who was harassed by her former partner with text messages, Facebook messenger texts, phone calls and emails, was now receiving help from a mental health team, Judge Mark Callaghan told the Invercargill District Court yesterday.

Judge Callaghan said a nude photo of the victim was also sent to her new partner.

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Grant Douglas Petch, 35, of Otaitai Bush, appeared for sentence yesterday on charges of using a telephone device for the purpose of annoying, posting a nude photo with intent to cause harm and criminal harassment caused by continuous telephone calls, all relating to incidents between September 20 and October 23 this year.


The offending started after Petch and his partner broke up. They had been in a relationship for six months, Judge Callaghan said.

"You used your phone continuously to abuse and generally annoy her."

The victim couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and was frightened to leave the house on her own.

"She installed security cameras in her home," Judge Callaghan said.

"She is now in the care of a mental health team to help her cope."

Petch had previous convictions for assaulting a female and for breach of a protection order, which related to incidents in 2016. He also had a conviction for assaulting a female from 2007.

Judge Callaghan sentenced Petch to six months' jail and ordered him to attend non-violence and alcohol and drug treatment programmes.

"Home detention is not an appropriate response to behaviour like this. I'm not going to give you leave to apply for home detention," Judge Callaghan said.


He also issued a protection order in favour of the victim.