A woman says she has found what appears to be a human jawbone at Point Chevalier beach this morning.

Police confirmed they retrieved the "bone-like item" from the beach after getting a call at 7.30am but could not say if it was a human bone or not.

"Police have retrieved the item and inquiries are ongoing to determine what it is," a police spokeswoman said.

The woman who found the bone said she was walking her dogs when she came across it.


"It was near the Joan St stairs, down by the water. We rang the police and put it in a doggy bag as 7am is dog central and we didn't want any pup running down the beach with a human jawbone in its mouth," she wrote on a community Facebook page.

She said two policemen came quickly and took it away.

"They are giving the jawbone to the police pathologist. I hope there is an innocent explanation somehow."