Stephen McPherson always worried about drivers on Helvetia Rd near his Pukekohe home.

He usually avoided the stretch, concerned he'd be knocked off his motorbike by an "idiot" driver - someone speeding, someone drunk or drugged.

But for some reason on May 24 the 36-year-old took the route he feared.

He almost made it home, but with about 2km of his journey to go he was wiped off the road by a driver who had been drinking and using methamphetamine.

Today his bereft partner and mother speak out for the first time about McPherson's death in a bid to make sure he is not "just another road statistic".

The morning Stephen John McPherson died, he embarked on a journey to create life.

Hours later he was lying dead in a paddock.

Alone in the cold and dark, his future cruelly taken from him