Controversial Australian radio host Alan Jones told Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern he never intended to suggest any violence towards her when he said he wanted to "shove a sock down [her] throat".

"I had meant to say 'put a sock in it' and my actual words were taken literally by some who took offence on your behalf," he said in a letter to Ardern, released to the Herald under the official information act (OIA).

He has also invited Ardern to discuss the matter with him in person – "I would be pleased to call you at a convenient time to do so."

Jones proceeded to then invite Ardern to be interviewed on his radio show which, he said, would allow the pair to "constructively debate the issue of climate change".


Jones made the comments, which were widely condemned, last month after he took issue with Ardern's comments on Australia's contribution to climate change.

The radio host – who previously said Julia Gillard should be put in a "chaff bag" and thrown in the sea – said Ardern was "a complete clown" and "a joke" and too outspoken about the climate crisis.

Ardern told media at the time she did not wish to dignify Jones' comments with a response.

But Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his comments were "way out of line".

In the letter to Ardern, Jones said: "I was speaking about Australia's contribution to climate change; on this issue, my views differ significantly from yours."

He said that he had clarified on his show that the comments were not meant to be violent.

"While I may disagree with your stance on climate change, I would never wish any harm to you.

"My sincerest apologies and please know I wish you and your family only the best."


The Australian Communications and Media Authority received more than 100 complaints about Jones' comments and there are on-going campaigns to take Jones off air.