Steve Gibson, one of four people in the Napier City mayoral race, says his main point of difference from other candidates is his idea to boost tourism.

In his video interview with Local Focus, he said his plan is for a Ferris wheel and carousel at Perfume Pt would attract tourists year-round.

"Santa Monica Pier and Fisherman's Wharf in California are exceptional must-do locations for tourists," he said.

"A Ferris wheel and carousel are timeless and I just think it would be an awesome opportunity to put one here, through a private investment or maybe Shane Jones' Regional Investment Fund."


He said sewage and water reticulation challenges "have to be fixed" and he was not averse to resorting to borrowing for inter-generational assets.

Gibson, a motelier, is a former "results driven" policeman.

"I wasn't so concerned about dotting the i's and crossing the t's - I reduced crime."

Gibson is skeptical whether rising sea levels will be an issue for Napier but is passionate about riparian planting and predator control for improving the environment.

He said if elected mayor, half his mayoral income would be donated to worthy causes.

"I'm not doing it for the money. I think there's potential, I want to make Napier great again."

There are three other candidates in the race for the mayoralty of Napier City: Kirsten Wise, Chris Tremain and David Hannay, who declined the opportunity for a video interview as he awaits heart surgery.

Voting papers will be mailed out today with voting closing October 12.


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