National MP Maggie Barry says she has been "misrepresented" by the Assistant Speaker, who claimed the North Shore MP yelled at her and exhibited aggressive behaviour during a debate last week.

Ruth Dyson told the Herald Barry had "stood and started yelling then and yelled pretty much down to the table, and then just carried on yelling at me, standing right next to the table".

This was after an End of Life choice debate – a piece of legislation Barry is strongly opposed to.

Labour MP Kieran McAnulty complained to the Speaker about Barry's behaviour.


On Friday, Barry issued an apology to both Dyson, and Parliament, for the outburst.

"For me, it was a highly emotionally charged situation and I acknowledge now that I was overzealous in expressing my disappointment with the way things were progressing," the North Shore MP said.

"In the heat of the moment, I said things that I accept showed disrespect to you as the chairperson of the committee of the whole."

Barry also apologised in the House on Tuesday night.

But in a statement to the Herald, Barry disputed that she was in the wrong.

She accused Dyson of "misrepresenting" what happened and said she never yelled or shouted.

Barry said she was disappointed at the quality of the debate.

"There was no repeated yelling and shouting and there is no sign of Kieran McNulty [sic] who must have made his complaint from hearsay from Ruth [Dyson].


"It is disappointing that Ruth Dyson has chosen to misrepresent what went on but of course she is a long-time supporter of euthanasia," she said in a statement.

Barry has been approached for comment.