Kiwis are known for being straight up and not beating around the bush, but still remaining unclear in our message.

Our "yeah nah, Kiwi as" lingo is something only New Zealanders would understand.

And that was exactly the case in Rotorua at the Soundshell markets on Sunday when a stall worker placed a sign with a rather Kiwi message on it.

In a bid to get rid of some old junk, one stall owner decided to display a rather brutally honest message on the sign, revealing what was for sale.


Placed outside the stall, the sign read: "Crap 4 sale and other s**t".

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A local punter took a photo and posted it to social media, which has since gone viral.

The photographer told the Herald it was "hard case", said the sign was extremely Kiwi and explained the message was a true representation of what was really on sale.

"I took it on Sunday at the Soundshell market. And it was what it said on the sign... A bunch of tools, and s**t!. An absolute classic," he said.

Kiwis took to social media to poke fun at the sign and celebrate Kiwis saying typically Kiwi things.

"I've completely lost my s**t so this is timely", one wrote.

Another said: "Always need a bunch of other s**t to finish the job. Story of my life."


Others said they'd have "definitely checked it out" and called the sign "top-notch Kiwiana."