It's official. We've just had the most rain days in a month in Auckland since records began.

As we head into the last day of August - and the last day of winter - Metservice has confirmed 29 days of rain, measured at its weather station at Auckland Airport.

It means Auckland has now had two record months in a row after there were 28 days of rain in July - a feat of Mother Nature that broke an earlier record dating back 10 years.

The previous rainiest month was August 2010, when there were 27 rain days.

Temperatures around the country are warming up as we head into September. Photo / Metservice
Temperatures around the country are warming up as we head into September. Photo / Metservice

But although wetter than average, it is not the wettest month on record. That honour came in August 1992 which recorded 25 "wet days", which Metservice defines as a day with upward of 2mm of rain, but had the highest overall volume of rain.

There were showers at 2am around the city, but the forecast around the country is fine today.

Tui McInnes, from MetService, said it was not the rain record that was the most memorable part of August - it was just how wet it actually was.

"Very wet days" - days with more than 5mm of rainfall - are up dramatically on August averages.

This August, there were 14 "very wet days" compared to the August average of three.

"Those very wet days are the ones that linger in people's minds and they think, August was a pretty wet and horrible month."

McInnes said weather around the rest of the country was fine for the weekend, with patches of rain only around Fiordland.

"It is a pretty nice weekend for the rest of the country with temperatures in the mid to late teens," McInnes said.


"It might get a bit windy in Wellington but that is really no surprise."

Father's Day tomorrow brings more of the same weather with sunshine making an entrance around the country and little chance of rain.

"It might get a bit nippy overnight with a few frosts but the rest of the weekend brings in some warmer temperatures."