Who do most Kiwis go to when they need advice in the kitchen? The answer is their mum, a new survey has found.

New World surveyed 1308 people in an attempt to find out what was happening inside everyday homes around dinner time.

And it found it wasn't Gordon Ramsay, Annabel Langbein or even the trusted Edmonds Cookery Book who provided the best meal-time inspiration.

"Hands down, the one person who inspired pretty much every respondent in our survey was their mum, and their mum's mum," New World's head of marketing Pippa Prain said.


"We were totally blown away by how much 'mum' has coached and still coaches nearly everyone in the kitchen and how she maintains traditions handed down through the ages."

There is no chance of denying food is a great connector, either, with the survey also uncovering dinner was bringing most Kiwis together.

New World surveyed 1308 Kiwis to find the results. Photo / NZPA
New World surveyed 1308 Kiwis to find the results. Photo / NZPA

Overall, 80.7 per cent of survey respondents said they ate together most nights, those in Southland boasting an incredible rate of 95.2 per cent. Those in Gisborne ranked poorly with a rate of 58.6 per cent.

Despite juggling heavy workloads and managing busy lives, the survey also found Kiwis were finding time to create a meal from scratch, most of the time anyway.

In total, when it came to the evening meal 79 per cent of Kiwis cook from scratch, with 66 per cent of young flatties living together doing the same, Prain said.

"The same group is more likely to be flexitarian or vegetarian than any other, but regardless, they are whipping out a fry pan or saucepan and creating a meal to share," she said.

A family household with adult children living at home, 83 per cent, was most likely to cook from scratch, closely followed by singles/couples without children, 82 per cent.

Those least likely to cook from scratch were single parents with children, the survey found with a rate of 60 per cent.


Those most likely to eat together

Southland: 95.2 per cent

Taranaki: 88.5 per cent

Of the total respondents: 80.7 per cent

Those most likely to cook from scratch

A family household with adult children: 83 per cent

Single/couples without children: 82 per cent

Of the total respondents: 79 per cent