Police are on the hunt for wily thieves who pinched an entire pontoon from the waters of Waiheke Island.

The pontoon was stolen on June 10.

Police said it was last seen being loaded onto a trailer at the Kawakawa Bay boat ramp.

They have released an image on Facebook showing the pontoon being towed through the water.


Locals were thrilled police were trying to track the much-loved floating platform.

"I love that pontoon. Although i once backflipped off it and scraped my face on it coming back up. What a weird weird shame it's gone. I hope its back in time for summer," Jenifer Silva posted on the police Facebook page.

Brendon Dovey wrote: "Man what a new low. I can't believe how blatantly this pontoon was taken. No regard to the community at all, just greed. I hope they catch these scumbags."

Police are asking anyone with information about the theft to contact Constable Gouwland at GGEF27@police.govt.nz.

Do you have information that could help us find a pontoon that was stolen from Waiheke Island on the 10 June 2019. The...

Posted by Auckland City District Police on Friday, 19 July 2019