The deportation of Kiwis living in Australia and the pathway to Aussie citizenship for New Zealanders living across the Tasman will be areas of focus for Jacinda Ardern's meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Ardern today touches down in Melbourne for a whirlwind two-day trip.

She will talk with Morrison tomorrow but will spend today meeting other key Government officials and giving a keynote speech about good governance and the Government's wellbeing budget.

The meeting with Morrison is not an official bilateral engagement.


Despite the seemingly unofficial nature of the meeting, Ardern still had a range of issues she wanted to discuss.

A major focus of the talks will be the cost of the pathway to citizenship of Kiwis living in Australia.

This has been a topic of contention for years and something the New Zealand Government has been pushing to change.

"I do think we can make it easier for New Zealanders to access [citizenship]," Ardern said.

Jacinda Ardern has a range of issues she wants to discuss with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
Jacinda Ardern has a range of issues she wants to discuss with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Another hot button topic will be the deportation of Kiwis living in Australia.

Ardern said there were some cases where the deportation of a New Zealand citizen living in Australia back home was justified.

But there were some instances where, despite a person not having a strong connection to New Zealand, they still faced deportation.

Ardern said this was a problem and she would be raising it with Morrison.


Foreign policy issues – including New Zealand's decision to withdraw its troops from Iraq – would also be discussed, Ardern said.

As would the topic of e-invoicing for companies doing business across the Tasman.

New Zealand and Australia have been trying to sort a system for a while but there have been a few snags.

The Australian election, for example, slowed it down.

Ardern's meeting with Morrison has not always been on the cards.

It was initially meant to be more of a speaking tour in Melbourne but Morrison said he would be able to make it into town to meet with Ardern.

Ardern said she talked more with Morrison than she did with former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The pair talked on the phone quite regularly, she said.

As for her speaking engagements, Ardern gave away a few hints as to what she would be talking about at a business breakfast tomorrow.

She will be speaking to business people, selling New Zealand as a destination for investment and letting them know that the country was "open for business".

New Zealand was already a significant investment destination of Aussies, she said, and added that she planned to pose the question, "what more can we do to attract you?"