The body of the second pilot involved in yesterday's double-fatal light aircraft crash near Masterton has been removed from the wreckage.

Police confirmed tonight the body was removed from the scene about 2pm.

It is understood the body of the other pilot, Craig McBride, was removed from the scene last night.

After spending another day investigating the crash scene and the circumstances which led to the incident, a plea has been made to members of the public.


Police are urging anyone who might have witnessed the crash which took place around 11.15am near Hughes Line to step forward.

"Anyone with information that may assist this investigation is urged to contact Masterton Police by calling (06) 370 0300," police said in a statement.

The two pilots were killed when McBride's Wairarapa Aero Club plane collided south of Hood Aerodrome with a Skydive Wellington aircraft from which four skydivers had parachuted shortly before.

At the time of the crash, McBride's wife was travelling overseas and had landed in Dubai when she was informed of his death, Stuff reported.

His two daughters - based in the United Kingdom and Australia - are understood to be travelling back to New Zealand.

Investigating the crash

Police investigators joined the Civil Aviation Authority and Transport Accident Investigation Commission to look into the circumstances of the crash.

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is in control of the site as it looks at what lessons can be learned from the crash. Two investigators were headed to Hood Aerodrome this morning, TAIC spokesman Simon Pleasants said.

Police would be investigating the cause of death for the Coroner, while the Civil Aviation Authority would look at whether all rules and regulations were followed.

"It's up to [TAIC] to figure out what can be done in future to make things safer," Pleasants said.

The commission's investigators would speak with the aircrafts' operators and any other organisations directly involved in their maintenance and operation.

"They'll be talking to the aero club management, no doubt, about flights on the day."