A party at home has proven to be a hotbed for measles.

Dr Annette Nesdale, a medical officer of health for the greater Wellington region, confirmed eight people have come down with the infectious disease since attending a party in Lower Hutt last month.

"A man did not know he had measles at the time of the party, and most likely acquired the infection while in Australia."

The Capital and Coast District Health Board has reported three cases from guests at the party and the Hutt Valley DHB has reported five.


"All attendees were in home isolation the entire time they would have been infectious so there's no evidence of community spread beyond the party," Nesdale said.

A surveillance report from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) shows the number of measles cases in the greater Wellington region has more than doubled in the past two weeks.

The ESR has started conducting weekly reports of cases since the measles outbreak began this year.

In the report from Week 22, ending on May 31, only five cases in all were reported in greater Wellington.

Nesdale has confirmed that number now sits at 11.

ESR data released on Tuesday shows the total number of measles cases nationwide has reached 195 since January 1.

It shows the infectious disease has spread to most regions this year.

Young people appear to be most at risk. The biggest slice, 50 sufferers, were aged between 20 and 29, followed by 40 cases of people aged from 10 to 19.


Eleven cases overall were people who were fully vaccinated, eight were partially vaccinated and 119 weren't vaccinated at all.