A man has been arrested and charged in connection with a firearms incident after four golfers were repeatedly shot at while out on a course in Whangaparaoa.

Several shots were fired at the foursome while they were playing the fourth hole at around 4pm last Friday, the north Auckland club's general manager David Herbert told the Herald.

Nobody was hurt but the men - two members and two guests - were "a bit shocked" by the incident.

Pellet holes were visible in the sign for the fifth hole.


Police this morning have charged a man in connection with the firearms incident at the course last week.

A 41-year-old man is charged with careless use of a firearm.

Two firearms, an air pistol and an air rifle with telescope sights had also been seized in connection with the incident, police said.

Senior Sergeant Steve Pivac said police take this kind of incident seriously. A number of inquiries have been ongoing in the past week, he said.

"The victims in this case were understandably shaken by the incident.

"I would like to reassure the community that this was an isolated incident and we have held the alleged offender to account," he said.

The accused is due to appear in the North Shore District Court at a later date.

A social media post last week believed to be from one of the players said they had been approaching the fourth green when bullets began flying towards them.


"We could hear the sound of bullets whizzing past our heads, I immediately called 111 and hid behind the bank on the 4th green.

"At the time we thought someone was just playing around with an air rifle but as I stood up to help the police locate the gunman they fired shots directly at me. For over 30 minutes they fired at least 30 shots some in quick succession."

One of the shots hit a nearby tree.

"It was a pretty traumatic event and even though it was most likely a high powered air rifle the damage it did is pretty scary.

"I would hate for this to happen again so please keep an eye out and report any suspicious behaviour around the Whangaparoa golf course or in the area to police straight away. Be safe and look out for each other."