A British man linked to the group of 'unruly tourists' that caused havoc in New Zealand last summer has admitted trying to leave the country on his brother's passport.

29-year-old James Doyle appeared in the Christchurch District Court today and pleaded guilty to charges for trying to leave the country with his brother's passport.

Judge Tom Gilbert says he understands Doyle is seeking an emergency passport and met with Immigration New Zealand officials.

Judge Gilbert says as Doyle's been in custody for two months since being arrested at the airport.


He'll be deported or required to leave the country at his own volition in the next ten days.

Doyle's defence lawyer says his client had signed documents to get a correct passport and will be in a position to leave NZ within 3 days.

Doyle is anxious to return home and get on with his life, his lawyer said.

When he was first charged, police said Doyle was linked to the group of 'unruly tourists' who caused mayhem in New Zealand in January.

The group left rubbish on Takapuna Beach, were accused of leaving restaurants with unpaid bills and one member of the unruly clan pleaded guilty to stealing from an Auckland service station.